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Muay Thai

muay thai training classes

Muay Thai / Kickboxing is a fighting art that was originated in Thailand (formerly Siam) 2000 years ago. It is a devastating striking art that blends techniques such as; kicks, knees, elbows, punches, and clinch work. Special care is taken in St. Pete Muay Thai classes to protect students from injury while still benefiting from the full demands of the sport.

This discipline was developed several hundreds of years ago as a form of close-combat that utilizes the entire body as a weapon. Today, classes of Muay Thai in St. Petersburg  represent a form of close-combat that utilizes the entire body as a weapon.

While in ancient times muay thai was referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs”, St. Pete muay thai classes explain this today through the use of eight points of contact, where the body mimics weapons of war. The hands become the sword and dagger; the shins and forearms were hardened in training to act as armor against blows, and the elbow to fell opponents like a heavy mace or hammer; the legs and knees became the axe and staff. The body operated as one unit. The knees and elbows constantly searching and testing for an opening while grappling and trying to spin an enemy to the ground for the kill.

Muay Thai is becoming very popular on a global scale. It was recently accepted as an Olympic sport, finally gaining it’s deserved recognition. Professional martial artists working and teaching in St. Pete muay thai classes come from all sides of the fighting spectrum, and they all agree that muay thai is essential to becoming an all-around multifaceted fighter.

Muay thai in St. Petersburg is very different from the grappling techniques used in Brazilian jiu jitsu; clinch maneuvers are used to set up knee and elbow strikes or to throw your opponent to the ground. Since the sport requires that practitioners possess a large number of athletic qualities, the benefits that accompany learning this discipline in St. Pete muay thai classes are numerous.


Increased Cardiovascular Conditioning

St. Pete muay thai classes combine both aerobic and anaerobic workouts, which places huge stress on your cardiopulmonary systems. With continued practice, your body will adapt to the demands of the sport, and improved cardiovascular performance is one of the payoffs.


Leg Strength

Kicking and footwork play a large role in muay Thai. One movement that is distinctive to muay thai is the roundhouse kick. Learning how to kick strengthens the musculature of the lower body. Every muscle in your lower body will benefit from practicing the various kicks and footwork drills incorporated in the sport. From muscle endurance, force production, agility, to just plain old good looking calves, muay thai in St. Petersburg is an option that delivers.


Core Strength

Generally when someone refers to their core, they’re referring to their abdominal muscles. This drives strength and conditioning professionals crazy. Your core is every single muscle located on your trunk, not your six pack. The rotational nature of all of the movements in the sport truly does strengthen your core. Getting punched in the body will also help a little. Striking, defensive movements, and clinching will all help the muay thai student develop a strong core.


Increased Hip Mobility

It won’t happen overnight, but spending time in our St. Pete muay thai classes while kicking and kneeing movements wills promote increased hip mobility. Having healthy hips alone can save you from serious pain and numerous terrible medical conditions later in life. Just remember to do your foam rolling and stretching. Get an occasional massage and those hips of yours will feel amazing.


Stress Relief

Finally, this is probably the most important benefit St. Pete muay thai classes can provide. The majority of us accumulate a fair amount of stress during the day. Having an outlet for that stress feels fantastic and can work wonders for your mental and physical health. Let’s face it, when you’re pissed off at work or stressed about bills, hitting something just feels good. Due to the fast-paced nature of the sport, you can’t trouble yourself with worry while training. You’ll get hit in the face or mess up the drill you’re working on. Practicing a martial art allows you to focus on yourself and nothing else.


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