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Kids Programs

kids martial arts classes in st Petersburg fl

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Kids

Many parents of small children often find themselves struggling to keep up with the boundless energy and destructive force that comes from these tiny humans. If you are reading this and your child has broken a thing or two around the house whilst jumping off of furniture or barreling down the stairs, it may be time to channel this seemingly unlimited energy into something that won’t cause undue harm to the persons and belongings in your home. For your hyper-active little, a martial arts class may be just the thing to focus that energy into something less destructive.

Here at the American Top Team St. Pete martial arts for kids program, we can do just that. Our kids martial arts classes in St. Petersburg, FL teach techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and are a fun way for girls and boys alike to drain their abundant energy and they offer other benefits that may surprise you. While there are some parents that may believe Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu promotes violent behavior, but that is far from the truth. The martial arts, in addition to building physical strength and improving coordination, can help teach self-discipline and socialization skills, among other areas. It has been shown to also aid children have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Our St. Pete martial arts kids’ programs fosters self-control and concentration – this is great for all children but especially so in kids whose skills in these areas are underdeveloped due to ADHD.

What does our St. Pete martial arts kids program look like? A typical class begins and ends with a bow to the teacher. After a warm-up, students practice different elements of brazilian jiu-jitsu, including kicks, punches and blocks. Each requires concentration and strict attention, while the interaction with their teacher builds respect.

Progress in brazilian jiu-jitsu, like most martial arts, is marked by the belt system. The beginner goes from their first white belt through a series of other colored belts until reaching the infamous black belt status. While getting to each new level in itself is a great source of exercise for the children, it the respect the kids learn along the way that is one of the most important benefits. This benefit can lead to improved behavior, both at home and at school.

The benefits of kids martial art classes in St. Petersburg, FL are many, including:



These kids martial arts classes in St Petersburg FL will not only teach your child techniques to defend themselves, but also confidence and reflexes. We hope it never happens, but if they are in a situation where they may need to defend themselves or a friend or relative, they will be much better equipped to come out in one piece.



It makes sense that as children improve in their activities, in school, and in their relationships with family, their confidence can go way up. Both the encouragement they are receiving in their martial arts practice and the physical and behavioral benefits from it help create this self-confidence.



At our kids’ St. Pete martial arts classes, your child will find that practice makes perfect. A single movement or series of movements may be repeated hundreds of times in order for the child to be able to complete it perfectly. The discipline required to achieve proper technique and power has likely not been experienced before by your child.


Emotional Awareness

What they don’t teach your child at your run-of-the-mill karate class in St. Pete is how to really listen to their body. To do this, your child learns how to be aware of their feelings, both physical and emotional. At our kids martial arts classes in St. Petersburg, FL your child will begin to learn how to focus feelings of intuition, fear, and courage into their actions.


Conflict Resolution

One of the first lessons learned in our kids martial arts classes in St. Petersburg, FL and through our jiu-jitsu program, was that words were never grounds for a fight. That advice right is essential. In the martial arts, children learn that there is no such thing as “fighting” words. Instead, they learn to respond without reacting in the martial arts.


Simply put: Being more active

This is the obvious reason kids should be more involved in St. Pete martial arts clases – in this day and age – to get active and moving.


Youth sports and physical education programs are great, but not every kid is an athlete and many schools no longer offer PE. The kids martial arts classes in St. Petersburg, FL offer many benefits, but when it comes to fitness, becoming a true martial artist means becoming a supremely fit person.

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