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 kickboxing st petersburg fl

Cardio Kickboxing St Petersburg FL: An Intensely FUN Class

Cardio kickboxing refers to a fitness class delivered and practiced in groups, where a combination of fast-paced cardio and martial art techniques is applied. It’s often referred as an intense, high-energy workout that tackles beginners and pro athletes alike. Cardio kickboxing results can be measured in a number of ways, especially by building stamina, increasing flexibility, improving coordination and – the most sought of all – burning calories while building strong, lean muscles.

Our Kickboxing St Petersburg FL program is known as a popular fitness program that replaces the need for heavy exercise equipment to get the best of a workout. Cardio kickboxing is a full-body workout that targets every part of your body and has become one of the most popular methods for fitness classes St. Petersburg, FL.

The discipline is is the perfect and balanced combination of aerobics; this type of regime focuses on increasing heart rate, thus, burning more fat and calories in a shorter timespan. You can expect to burn as many as 350 to 450 calories in a one-hour class. The kickboxing classes in St Petersburg FL program also include a good, medium-paced warmup and cool down interval – great for muscle recovery – and both dynamic and static stretching. We also include a more-focused interval, aimed at working the core with crunches and planks.

Despite the name (which can scare people away when they don’t know what it implies), cardio kickboxing is a non-contact program. All the punches and kicks that you throw, are directed into the air, and sometimes onto pads.

These types of fitness classes St. Petersburg, FL have a positive impact on your heart. Taking part in a cardio routine improves heart conditions and allow a paced fat loss Excess body fat has often been associated with having a higher risk of heart failure or disease, diabetes and eating disorders. A good cardio kickboxing class will challenge your physique, by targeting your endurance, resistance, strength and concentration. One should know that, practicing cardio kickboxing is not only physical, but that half the battle is mental. You will need to focus on movements that make up a good combination.

Cardio kickboxing is an ideal program within the fitness classes St. Petersburg, FL. This choice is good for those looking to burn calories for weight loss, or to improve stamina and heart health. If you tend to become bored or tired of the same stationary cardio equipment in your gym or at home (treadmills, steppers, etc), you will definitely enjoy the rapid movements and fast rhythm of a cardio kickboxing class.

Another good thing about taking cardio kickboxing, is that you don’t need previous experience to practice the sport. Everyone, with or without training experience, is welcome!

While cardio kickboxing is a high intensity and strong impact workout, we recommend that beginners start slowly. You will always be able to work your way up to exercising at full intensity with due time. It’s also normal if, at the beginning, you become a little frustrated when not being able to keep up right away. The important thing is to keep practicing and building up your resistance and working on your stamina.

At our kickboxing St Petersburg FL program, you can expect a full-body workout that engages every muscle group in your body, with a strong focus on your core. Fast movements in our fitness classes St. Petersburg, FL  program also also aimed at improving and building up your body’s flexibility, your coordination, balance and your reflexes, by making you faster and more aware.

In addition to all the physical results you can get from it, cardio kickboxing is an effective way to relieve stress and vent out anger and/or frustration. Practicing the sport helps your body release hormones (endorphins and dopamine) that improve your mood and block feelings of pain.

Furthermore, working out with a group at our kickboxing St Petersburg FL program has an accountability factor, helps build new relationships and encourages a healthy sense of competition.

When you attend cardio kickboxing and it becomes a part of your routine, you will see how your energy levels also change, by increasing tremendously. It’s proven that when you engage in egular physical activity, your energy boosts are greater and longer because both your heart and your longs work more efficiently.

Finally, these fitness classes St. Petersburg, FL are full of fun! Unlike a traditional martial arts class, the music that sets the mood for the workout, adds to your stimulation and motivation. Our kickboxing St Petersburg FL classes go by fast and they are highly enjoyable, making you forget about the  actual workout and focusing on the fun part.

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