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American Top Team St Pete Holiday Hours

By Ana_Frias | In American Top Team St. Pete, Uncategorized | on December 20, 2018

American Top Team St Pete Holiday Hours


American Top Team  Holiday Information:

The Holidays are fast approaching and everybody knows that  it is a perfect time to get together with family and friends and to enjoy good but unhealthy food.  Some people are able to focus on their health and body condition throughout these times, but others aren’t. The Holidays are everybody’s favorite time of year, and it is common to eat more than usual and to put on weight due to overindulgence. That is why is the most important time to be strongly engaged in your martial arts exercises.
American Top Team St. Petersburg has a way to prepare students physically and mentally for the holidays so can be experienced something a little bit different.
First of all, it is very important to keep on track and come to train this ending year, so students can keep developing your skills and improving in martial arts. Through practicing martial arts, students gain a sense of self-control, discipline and dedication to living a healthy life as well as keeping your body in good shape conditions. This way then you will find that you can enjoy the holidays better when you are better prepared for it. Secondly, training is a very good way to relax your mind and have a lot of fun, as it is a better time in most of the jobs, where the pressure is less than usual and everybody is in holiday’s climate.
Enjoy your holidays training American Top Team St. Petersburg will be opened most of the days during the holidays so you can enjoy your time here with family and friends too. Invite and bring them to come to train with you and show them your gym family.  We offer day pass, week pass a lot options for the visits here .  It will be a very exciting experience as in this time of the year the gym welcome a lot of people coming from different places that are in town for visiting and vacation during the holidays. There are a lot different packages available that fit perfectly for these situations as day pass, week pass and even the month pass.

American Top Team Fort St. Petersburg hours of operation is shown below:
• December 24th – closed
• December 25th – closed
• December 31st – closed
• January 1st – closed

In addition to upcoming holidays, American Top Team St. Petersburg has the pleasure to inform that the big Belt Promotion Event for kids and adults is coming on January 7th at 6:30Pm.

Happy Holidays !!!!!

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