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American Top Team St Pete Florida NAGA Competition results

By Ana_Frias | In Jiu Jitsu | on July 19, 2018

Congrats to our American Top Team St Pete Members Who Participated in Florida NAGA Tournament!

brazilian jiu jitsu st peteThis past Saturday American Top Team St Petersburg went to their first NAGA competition as a team! Master Jayson Jimenez was present with all of his students that were competing in the July 7th 2018 NAGA Tampa Championship. Master Jayson Jimenez is a 3 time NAGA Champion himself and has been making sure his students get the exact training they need to become successful at tournaments as well.

The North American Grappling Association is the worlds largest mixed grappling tournament competition with over 500,000 competitors worldwide. In this tournament you are able to come as an individual or as a team to compete. NAGA has had some of the greatest fighters in the world participate in their competitions so our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu St Petersburg students are very grateful to have had the opportunity to compete and come out victorious in their matches.bjj st petersburg

Since this was the first time American Top Team St Petersburg went to NAGA as a team we want to give a huge congratulations to some of  our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students that received gold in their divisions! The list of winners include Caleb, Trevor, Tony, Joslen, and Rylan. Caleb also received a a silver metal in Gi, Trevor won two gold metals and a silver, Tony won 3rd place in Gi, Joslen won silver in no Gi, Greg received 3rd in no Gi, and Rylan won a silver metal as well!

It is extremely important that our students participate in these competitions because here is you really get to improve your skills and see what areas you need to focus on more. When you participate in a competition you are unable to pause the match unlike in practice. The match is at a much higher intensity because you don’t have your coach their pausing it to fix your mistakes. You and your opponent are both giving it all you got to come out victorious.

Congratulations to Master Jayson of American Top Team St Petersburg Florida and his students who have won medals and belts. Our students always give 100% on the mats and we are very proud to call them a part of our American Top Team family. Master Junior always taught Master Jayson this: Train hard and fight easy.

Congrats on the ATT St Pete Team – you made us proud!

Interested in classes? American Top Team St Petersburg offers training in Brazilian jiu jitsu, Judo, MMA for adults, children, and senior citizens as well. bjj st pete

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