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American Top Team Summer Belt Promotion

By Ana_Frias | In Jiu Jitsu | on June 8, 2018

Belt Promotion American Top Team St. Pete

American Top Team St Pete’s Summer Belt Promotion is getting closer and we are excited to see all of our hardworking students celebrating their hard work during class on June 25th 2018! The ceremony will begin at 6:30pm but we encourage everyone to get here 15  minutes before. We will be hosting the adults and the kids ceremony together this year so we hope the entire family can make it on time! Even if you are not getting promoted or just receiving a stripe we hope you can still make it out to support your friends and family! Pack your Gi’s, your belts, and refreshments and get ready for our 2018 Summer Belt Promotion!

Kid’s Ranking System:

Jiu Jitsu for Kids at American Top Team St Pete  following the belt system from the International Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federation.  You can find more information on our ranks inside of our school or at the website www.ibjjfdb.com . At this age it is important to teach kids discipline, dedication, hard work ethics, and positive attitudes. This is exactly what program at Jiu Jitsu St Pete can do for your children. Bring them into a healthy environment where they will be set up to succeed in every aspect of life. We hope everyone takes the opportunity to come in to American Top Team St Pete and show your support to your loved ones for all the hard work they put in!

Adult’s Ranking System:

It takes many years of experience to earn the high degree of a black belt or even a red belt. Your belts are truly something that are earned. If you are new to Mixed Martial Arts come on in and try a Jiu Jitsu St Pete class with Master Jayson.

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt promotion is a very strict reward system. Leveling up requires countless hours of giving it your all in class. This is one of the reasons why students feel overwhelmed with excitement when they finally get to move on to a higher belt. On average it takes anyone practicing this form of  Mixed Martial Arts an average of ten years to receive a black belt or more

The belt promotion at American Top Team St Pete is special day , Maters Junior Fernandes and his family  coming for the Belt Promotion to test some the study make sure everyone  is on time if the Gi and the belt .

Don’t forget to come and support your family and friends on their special day take pictures and don’t forget –  BELTS ARE EARNED – NEVER GIVEN.

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