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Best Exercises for Kids

By American Top Team | In Jiu Jitsu | on January 26, 2018

How Important is Physical Activity for Children? What are the Best Exercises for Kids?

Physical Activity is essential for the healthy growth of toddlers, kids, and teenagers as it provides several biological and physiological benefits to all children.  All stages of childhood are ideal to start practicing sports. Sports activities can also become very enjoyable and a healthy habit that can lead to healthy growing stages. Deciding what the best exercises for kids can be a challenge, but choosing martial arts is a fantastic, multi-faceted exercise for children’s growth and development alike.

Why is it important to do physical activity as a child?

Encouraging children to practice physical activity and team sports can also be the foundation of greater motor development, assertive social skills, communication, and leadership.  In addition to these benefits, physical activity in childhood also increases cognitive development.

At American Top Team St. Pete we take great pride in building the foundation for our children’s future.  At our friendly family gym, we help your children listen and follow instructions as we build teamwork and coexistence with other children.  Our experienced instructors create lessons that are often carried over a full lifetime!

Our martial arts academy trains children in several different disciplines, including Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Karate! Giving children the ability to grow healthier and acquire more skills.

American Top Team St. Petersburg offers classes for children from 3 to 17 years in different sections according to their age range so they can be better served.  Our experience allows us to understand that children learn differently and that our model can be adapted to all.

Nowadays, our children tend to play less outside and incorporate less exercise in their daily habits.  These unhealthy habits and the combination of highly processed foods in kids’ daily diets create negative effects that go far beyond aesthetics.  Physical activity helps preventing diseases, many of which tend to arise silently.

There have been several studies that prove that children who do not exercise tend to become sedentary adults. It is much easier to create a habit from an early age than as an adult.  Our community duty at American Top Team St Pete is to lead by example so we can teach the benefits of regular physical activities and supervised classes.  We have adult programs as well, for those parents that wish to incorporate training into their daily routines while their children assist Martial Arts classes.

We are glad to help and we encourage you to join us for a week trial!  For more information about our kids and adult programs please call 954-638-0860.


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