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Family Fitness at American Top Team St. Pete

By American Top Team | In Fitness | on October 24, 2017

The benefits of a family fitness plan are vast.

Whether it is Brazilian jiu jitsu, kids Brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai kickboxing, kids muay thai kickboxing, boxing, cardio kickboxing,  judo, submission wrestling, or fitness classes, a family that trains together stays together! Keep reading to see how family fitness classes at American Top Team St. Pete can benefit your family.

Family is everything, and with our busy lives, we wrestle with our schedule to make time for family. The father works, the mother works, the teenager attends high school and wants to spend time with their friends while the little one has a long day at elementary school and just wants to play. Training as a family is an answer to this common separation. In some cases, the only bonding a family has is at the dinner table. It’s a quick talk about the day and then off to sleep and repeat their routine the next day.

American Top Team St. Petersburg is a great place to promote family bonding and a healthy lifestyle, mom, dad, and all the kids can train at the same time under one roof. The entire family not only is getting in shape, but they are making new friends, learning valuable knowledge both mentally and physically, in a healthy environment with positive individuals under the watchful eye of our professional black belt instructors. Family fitness training is a great outlet to keep a family strong.

The time a family spends training together after their long day at school and work is also a great stress reliever! Giving the parents a new common interest as their children, a new subject to talk about, and new goals a family can help each other reach together. Family fitness training presents new excitement as the family goes to tournaments to support each other. It doesn’t matter if one competes or the whole family – this is a time of strong bonding and building unforgettable memories.

Learning  different martial arts such as Brazilian jiu jitsu, Judo, and muay thai kickboxing to name a few, getting in shape as well as learning to defend yourself, as a family, is priceless. A family can use  this time to free their minds from the world problems and stress of work and school  and focus on each other while experiencing a good, healthy, positive environment.

The difference between other traditional  karate and taekwondo martial arts schools and American Top Team St. Petersburg is that we have all aspects of martial arts for men, women and children under one roof. Our takedowns consist of Judo, freestyle wrestling and Greco roman wrestling. Our ground grappling is Brazilian jiu jitsu, and our Stand up striking consists of Muay Thai Kickboxing and boxing. All areas of self defense and/or competition are covered.

No need for the father that wants to do kickboxing, a mother that wants fitness and the teenager that wants to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu to go to separate martial art schools or gyms. Here at American Top Team St Petersburg we welcome all  families  with open arms!

Call us today at 954.638.0860 for more information or click here to view our schedule and sign up for a free week of classes! We look forward to meeting you and your family.

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